Picador Acoustic Guitar

I have accumulated 3 Picador acoustic guitars. Can find very little on the history of these guitars other than they were licensed under the C F Martin guitar company and were either Martin or Sigma guitars that did not meet Martins standard and were Badged as Picadors usually for a minor finish blemish. Any one having information on these wonderful guitars please contact me.
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Thanks for the information -  I added a page for Picador here.

It looks like they just stuck the Picador logo over the original Martin or Sigma headstock logo.


When I bought mine 20 yrs back, I was told the exact same thing. I was told mine was from the early 70s.

Picador 12 string

I circa Picador 12 string at Martin factory in Nazareth PA. in the late 70s . My grandparents lived across the street for Martin. Still have guitar and was told it was not up to Martin's standards and was sold very cheap .