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Photos property of this YAMAHA PACIFICA 402 S's owner, Craig Thomas, used with permission

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I bought this guitar at a local thrift store for $100.00, was wanting to find out more about it; like year made, value, etc..to sell it. It's still in mint condition, with new strings- the sound quality is amazing on this thing.

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Pacifica 402S

Thanks for posting the photos Craig. Well the serial number shows it was made on 20th February 1997. I think these were made in Taiwan around 1996-1999 and were the fanciest version of the Pacifica single cutaway series (102S, 120SD, 302S, 402S) - I remember I wanted one at the time! They had the high definition finish figured wood tops in green, amber burst or violin burst color. The suggested retail price at the time was over $500 but I don't know what the street price was. I would say you got a good deal.