1983B Ovation Accoustic Guitar

I have a 1983B Ovation, which I purchased from a music store in Santa Cruz, CA in 1998.  It's been a great guitar and has been many places with me.  However, the heavy use has taken a toll.  The top has a crack in it which runs from the bridge to the bottom of the top, adjacent to the strap peg.  It still sounds pretty darn god, but I feel like I'm losing something, and it clearly does not sound as good as it should.  Additionally, the p/u is not working.  I'm soliciting for a repair strategy here.  Should I look for a top, and take that into a repair shop and ask them to swap it out?  I've looked around for the top for that model, and I have not been able to locate one online.  Or do I just take this thing into a repair shop and ask them to repair the existing top, and put a new p/u in it?

I welcome suggestions!





Ovation top repair

Hi Chris,

My instinct is that you should try to get the crack fixed rather than replace the whole top - just get in touch with a good repairer and ask them about costs and options.

It might also be worth getting in touch with Ovation directly to ask about repair costs.

This Acoustic Guitar Forum thread has some contact details for John Budny at Ovation: