need info about a delta guitar

 a semi hollow body delta- model number SHM-906 BR, i found an eagle brand that had pretty much the same guitar-its red with gold hardware


Delta brand

I can't find much information about the Delta brand models. Apparently this brand was used on electric and acoustic guitars imported around 2003 to 2006 by  Musician's Wholesale America of Nashville Tennesse. They have "Delta, Nashville Tennesse" on the headstocks but I am pretty sure that they would have been manufactured in the Far East. I can't find any website for Musician's Wholesale America

They probably sold for around $400 to $600 when new. They had a Les Paul type electric as well as a hollow bodied Jazz guitar - maybe yours is one of these - do you have any photos?

Delta guitars

These guitars were first made in nashville out of foreign parts with delta 's  design specifacations.Later, they were made in china with the delta design but, not the quality as the nashville guitars.nashville models around 400-500 dollars. foreign models around 100 dollars.I collect delta"s ,and buy everyone i find.Nashville models are of excellent quality and should sell for 800 dollars plus.They resemble les pauls,but have a heel cut out for fret access like the new gibsons.Acoustic resemble a martin D-42  and have an ebony fretboard with a ringing sound,also excellent quality. 

Delta D-42

Hi, I was reading your comment about the Delta guitar. I have a Delta and it's stamped Nashville, TN but also say's "made in China". I assume this is  considered the foreign model and not worth much?

acoustic guitar

I have a Delta acoustic model D901/BBS. No where on the guitar is the words made in Japan. The inside lable has the serial # 040231. It sounds great, but has some surface scratches and chips. If anyone is interested make me an offer.

Delta Mandolin

I have a Delta Mandolin model MG-70EM. Do you know anything about these?


Gold Top Rare

I have one for sell in perfect condition

I have a left handed delta

Hi. I have a left handed delta guitar for sale. It's belongs to my son and he's getting rid of it. If you're interested contact me at (615)[email protected] thanks and have a great day!

I have a Delta electric with

I have a Delta electric with ebony finish made in Nashville with some light surface blemishes. Willing to sell. Reply if interested and I can send you more information.


Details! Email to mrfixall31@

Delta Nashville Tennessee

I have one with a rare color kinda grey greenish in perfect condition with original gigbag had it in a trade for some work l did to this brother in Christ but lm not interested in this guitar lm more of Rickenbacker guitar or epiphones 335 casino,339 so make me a good deal for it and it's yours

Delta acoustic

Hi do you still have this for sale?

Delta acoustic

D42/N. Model
Serial #1701..
This guitar is amazing plays very very good...I would sale it but it will take a pretty penny to buy it

delta for sale

Will you ship and how much do you want? I assume it doesn`t say china on the label?

Delta guitars

Hi I have a delta acoustic 08-80 I was hoping you would give me some more info on it

Delta D- 902/SB

I have a D-902 / SB 1/2 size acoustic , has no foreign designations that I have found only Delta Nashville Tennesse in abalone or mother of pearl on head stock, SN040113, ivory binding, high end closed tuners.

Delta guitar

You said you collect Delta guitars. Would you be interested in a Delta Nashville model 901/n
If so plz email [email protected]

Delta D42

I have a Delta D42 made in Nashville... interested?

Delta guitar

Hi I have gotten a delta guitar from a guy and got curious of the name of it so I researched it and I found this saying we’re you collect them if your interested if want you. Am give me a call or reply 706-299-0703 back.

I just bought one

I just bought a delta d42 serial no 014. I paid 35 bucks for it and it's in great shape

Delta guitar

It has Delta -42BK is the model and serial is 42-1076 it’s for sell if you’re interested it also has Delta musical instruments Nashville,TN USA in it you can reach me at+12055441081 this phone number

Delta les paul

I just found one a guy had in the original bag in the closet for 11 yrs.  Beautiful sounding and looking guitar.  

Delta guitar

I have a black nashville delta im trying to sell if u would be interested


I have a delta nashville tenn on head stock made in nashville tenn on tag in hole no where does it. Say chini or japan


I have a D42/N with a 3013 sn that my friend who died left me it is a beautiful sounding guitar in great condition, would never sale just wondering what it might be worth it's blonde with gold keys not made in China no date.

Nashville Delta D42N( 1 For Sale! )

Delta D42N has a serial number I need to sell this guitar and don't wanna be taken advantage of..I am thinking it is not a $100 guitar but vaule that would be nice to know !

delta d42 nashville

I just bought one with the usa label off goodwill and I`m excited. sunburst which is the only one I can even find online? Were there many of them made? From what you`ve said you might be the resident expert?


Delta model GA530WES

Dose anybody know of this guitar, Delta model GA530WES as I have one and am also finding it very difficult to find out any information on it . It's a cut away with pick up , probably 30 to 40 years old . Any help would be greatly appreciated.....

Delta acoustic


You mentioned that you buy every Delta guitar you are able to. I have one i recentley aquired and i play guitar myself and do not need it. If you would like to buy it let me know. I can send you phots just let me know where to send them. My contact is below:

479 518-5040

[email protected]

Deltat LP Style

I own the LP style Delta guitar any idea how much it's worth?

Delta LP

I found one link by someone who claimed to be a wholesaler. He responded because some people were saying the guitars were entry level instruments which was simply not the case. He said wholesale they were $650.00 and retailed in the $800-$900 price range. I found one on craigslist not long ago and the guy stated it had Gibson pickups in it. Well, I brought my Gibson Les Paul Studio to compare side by side. I was floored at how good it sounded.  I couldn't believe it. It was 'that' good. I can't say what they are worth, I will tell you I am not selling mine.


Delta guitars

I have a left handed Delta accoustic. When I first pulled it out of the box I wasn't sure about it. However I now like it very much. It gets played everyday and sounds and looks just fine for the inexpensive instrument I'm sure it is. The only problem is that the stain on the frets is coming off where I constantly paw at it with my right hand.

Delta 1/2 Scale Acoustic Guitar

I have this small Delta acoustic, made in China on label inside. Has serial number and model number etc. Has quality components like bone nut - haven't tested saddle yet. Has inlaid Delta on head stock which is similar in style to Gibson. Tonal qualities of the top suggest it is solid, has ivory bound fretboard and body. The half scale guitar was not well cared for by previous owner - I bought it from a Good Will center. I am planning to restore it without adding or altering value, mainly to play for fun. If anyone has more information about this guitar I'd appreciate reading it. I believe this company is not that old since I found a trademark document from 2006, which by the way was a failed document, not completed. I presume they were not in business long although my sample looks pretty old, like mid 60s or 70s.

Delta lp nashville tn model

Good for you. I'm not either. For the person's that had one will soon be very sad if they sold their's. For the 20 guitars that were produced, this guitar in collector's status will be super rare.

Delta guitar

I have one that has Delta musical instruments Nashville,TN USA serial #42-1076 Model D-42BK its for sale if anyone out there is interested sounds and looks great it’s black and cream looking color contact me at+12055441081


how do i tell if a delta guitar was made in nashville or china? is it marked as such?

thanks whomever answers.

delta s_45

I have a delta model #S45 acoustic guitar! It says made in korea but not much info on internet about it.


To anyone! My husband left me a Delta guitar and since his death I have not been able to find ANY info about it at all!! The only thing I can find on it is a sticker that says: SL630CHS

It resembles a Gibson 335 hollow body and seems to be in near perfect condition.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you much

Delta 335

If its the "Delta, Nashville Tennessee" type then these sold for around $900 when new (in 2003 to 2006). Have a look at this thread in the My Les Paul forum - maybe you could ask there?

Link: My Les Paul - Delta Guitar thread

Delta D42

I have Delta Nashville Tennessee D42/SB, serial no: 1263, Made in TN, USA. Please make me an offer if you are interested @ [email protected]

Delta nashville tennessee gold

I have one as well im trying to figure out if i have the real deal. It doesnt have a ssrial number or where it was made but everything else checks out mother of pearl inlays as well as delta is in mother of pearl as well i hooked it up and it sounds amazing i just dont know if its the real deal was wondering if you knew how to find out


I have a delta that has
Delta Guitar, New Orleans , art# E-3, made in Japan

Anyone know anything about this?

Delta model D42/Blk serial 608

This Delta does not have made in China anywhere on it and it plays great. I have had it 7 years and this site is the first I have even heard of another Delta. Would like to make it electric any suggestions?