HOFNER MODEL 4550 #unknown

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The guitar was a birthday present given to me way back in 1962 .It was not new then but had been used by a Jazz guitarist ( a friend of the family)

The guitar is kept safe in its guitar case.and is in excellent condition

I cant play it anymore and so wold like to get a good price for it 

What offers?


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Price for your Hofner Guitar

I just bought the same model Guitar. It is a 1959-1960 Hofner (it is very close in appearance to the modwl 457 feom 1952 and 53) You can find the date inside the F hole under the top with a dental style mirror, sometimez the year is earlier because Hofner was famouse for using up old stock and even creatwd some beautiful One off models due to that reason. These are a Rare find todayl. I paid $800 for mine with a case (I got a huge deal) but they are selling in the range of $1200 to $1500 depending on condtion and originality. Yours and mine look identical. They are a very high end guitar unlike the Cheaper Harmony and Kay models. At the time this guitar was right beside the Gibson L 5 and The Beatles had a matching set of these same model (except Ringo he didnt get one). I hope this helped you out and gave a bit more history to your add!