SAMICK SK-6 (Custom Series Addition)

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Does anyone else have one of these? I cannot get Samick to send any info, or should I say just respond to my request for info.

I know it was built in 1995. This is a really nice guitar, solid top, looks like spruce. Beautiful color on the back and sides, almost an orangy color, not sure of the wood though. Beautiful sound, as I would expect. I think Samick has made some incredible guitars and they are way under rated. The headstock is marked "Custom Series Addition". I have searched the web, but have found nothing. Anyone out there have one, or have any info on this guitar? It can't be the only one...or is it? How did they go from an SK-5 to an SK-7 with no info inbetween?

Here is a link to the pictures. You can click on the pictures for a better view.






It is a gorgeous guitar

Hopefully I have one of these beauties coming my way. I collect 90's Samick acoustics and this one will be toward the top of the pile. I think I have deduced some info, though indeed the internet doesnt tell much.

Samick Sk-6

Hello Christina, I have a SK-6.
Sounds beautiful. Great sustain.
Are you still looking for info?
Cheers, Jochem.