PEAVEY Impact 1 Unity #unknown

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S Semanski

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Limited run of roughly 75 in 1988.  Many more Unity series basses around.  These are as rare as hens teeth these days with a total of 9 accounted for in 10 years of searching.  Solid Koa, neck through with Bloodwood stringers, hand-rubbed Tung oil finish, (FAST neck!). Ebony fret board.  Kahler trem.  Non-original pick-ups in this one, I have no idea, and can't find any info on, what the originals were.  One of the best electrics I've ever used in 40+ years of using a boatload of different axes..... 

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peavy unity series impact 1

I guess i own the 11th. She's heavy, solid, super resonant natural wood. Fastest neck ever. Plays like butter.