STL into netfabb Studio


I am working with netfabb Studio for 3D printing purposes and want to be able to work with Sketchup files. I often get questions of how to import Sketchup files into netfabb Studio so I just installed your plugin and tested it with Sketchup 7. I downloaded some models from as a test. Exporting worked fine but on the models I tested I got the following warning in Sketchup

"error message of 3488 faces exported 0 lines exported 7150 objects ignored"

When I opened the file in netfabb Studio the file was reasonably ok but it contained a few inverted shells and around 20 holes. Using netfabb Studio it was very easy to flip the triangles in the inverted shells and close the holes. I used the netfabb Studio Professional version but I am sure many files will be ok also with the free netfabb Studio Basic.I tested a couple of different files with similar results. All files generated warning messages but the errors were not very severe and all files could be fixed in netfabb Studio.

Generally it looks like a great plugin and I will recommend it to our netfabb users.


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It may not be an error

Hi Ulf,

I don't think it is really an error, the plugin is supposed to pop up a message box that reads "X faces converted...", it may be that this message box is mis-titled by the operating system.

Have you tried TIG's manifold plugin? It is really useful at fixing models before you convert them to STL for 3D printing, you can download it from:

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