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Century Guitars developed an innovative acoustic guitar design (The Centurian) using a "stress-a-way bridge" . With this bridge the strings are anchored so that the stress is widely distributed - similar to the Babicz idea but with the string anchors not so spread out. This allows a guitar with a lighter sound board and potentially better tone. This guitar was demonstraed at NAMM in 2004. Its unclear to what extent this guitar was available commerically.


Century Guitars
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I was wondering about a guitar u sell and whast its worth considering it came from your shop? Didn't want t o over pay. it's a century jumbo centurion he was wanting $2200

Century guitars

2200 would be a DEAL on a century! The bridge add more low and highs and blows away my Taylor and Martin guitars I have for 4k to 6k. The century is far superior in every way! I've acquired 2 so far and have offers from session pros for 6k to 8k! For recording acoustically the difference is astounding! At NAMM they sold for about 4k but that was years ago, then i lucked into two. I'd gladly trade a Taylor or Martin for another since those are now case queens. No one will play them in the studio when I whip these out. In 50 years probly the best sounding AND playing acoustics I've had bar none! Perfect tone and intonation full neck, bright and boomy, and dynamic expression wise from a whisper to a blast strum far far superior tone and control. I think the unknown name and high price was their demise but those guitars are GOLD in my opinion.