Siddney Loyd's ALVAREZ AEB5000

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This is one of the sweetest basses I've ever owned!!!And that's saying something....Because I've owned alot of top end basses over the years,including a few Tobias's,Warwick's and a Ken Smith 5-string burner.

I got this used a few year's back from Music go' round in Wilkes-barre,Pa.,for 600.00,and it's been my main bass since!!!

The toneal response is incredible!!!! The pick-ups are ultra sensitve,and provide an acceptional range of sound,from tinny slap,to earth quaking growl!!!

Surprisingly...I have found very little info on this bass!!!!! Any one out there have any to offer?

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alvarez 5 string electric bass

I bought an orange maple alvarez 5 string electric bass with EMG active pickups at a pawn shop a few years ago for $200 bucks and I love it! I have been unable to find any info on it. Does yours have 3 or 4 knobs? All the ones I've seen on the internet only have 3 knobs, 2 volume and 1 tone, however mine has 4, 1 master vol., 1 vol. for each pickup, and 1 master tone AND each of the pickup vol. knobs have their own tone control! (they are double knobs) I don't know how many like this are out there or what its worth. I think the pawn shop thought it was a piece of junk! If you find any more info on yours please post it. thanks