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1987 to 1988

This is one of the Ibanez Roadstar Pro series, like the more well known Sabre and Radius models.

It has an Ibanez Wizard neck (maple with no stripe down the back), rosewood fingerboard, an angled back headstock, locking nut and 22 frets. The body is probably basswood.

Pickups are marked IBZ-USA, and are single coils at the neck and middle with a humbucker at the bridge. Each pickup has an individual on and off switch. The humbucker has a three way switch that also allows a coil tapping.

The 1987 models had one volume and one tone control. The tone control was also a coil tap for the humbucker. There were three on-off switches: one for each pickup. In 1988 the tone control was dropped and the humbucker selector switch was made 3-way to allow coil tapping.

Another version the 540P-TC had a triple coil pickup at the bridge.

Hardware is in the cosmo-black finish, the tremolo is the original Ibanez Edge version.

Three colour options: dark gray (pictured above), violet pearl (blue) and magenda (red).

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Body stylesuper strat style body


Made inJapan

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Ibanez 540p power body

I've had the Magenta version for twenty years and never knew the model until I found one on Ebay today - as there are no model #'s or dates on the guitar. It's listed on ebay as the first Joe Satriani version, I don't know if that's true.I've always wanted to find another because I think it's the best looking strat body design EVER! I can't believe that Ibanez hasn't used this body design again and again. Whoever came up with those body contours was an artist, I wouldn't change one curve. As for the rest of the guitar, the trem works great and stays in tune, the pick-ups have great tone, love the individual switches for the pickups and the coil-tap for the humbucker. The neck is one of the first(maybe the first?) Wizard necks on an Ibanez and is super fast and comfortable. As for the pink/red color, I've grown to like it because it is as unique as the body design. I've owned about 80 guitars in my life and this one absolutely is as close to a perfect guitar as they make. I can't believe these aren't the most sought after guitars in the Ibanez line. The best thing for me is I paid $200.00 for it new as Metal was becomeing less popular and the local music store couldn't sell it because of the color. Right place right time for me.