J.M.G. guitars

Does anyone know anything about JMR guitars especially the Aristocrat model? would be grateful for any info on the company and guitars they made, also guitar cases made by Westralian Leather Goods Pty Ltd. Thanks


JMG guitars

The backward ukulele player site  and the uke database says that JMG (Jack Maskiell Guitars) was founded by Jack Maskiell who began making instruments in Adelaide before World War II. In the war he was posted to the Pacific and ended up a prisoner of war with Les O’Connell in Changi Prison, where they made a ukulele to pass the time. O'Connell and Maskiell began making ukes on their return to Perth, Western Australia - also employing other ex-servicemen.

In 1946 Les O'Connell got a patent for his ukulele design - link to patent. Their ukes sold in Australia and South-East Asia, and by 1950 JMG had sold 3000 ukuleles and 700 guitars. JMG ceased trading in 1959.

Luthier Andries De Jager - who was based in Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia, worked there in the 1950s. Following the closure of JMG he sold classical guitars under his own name (as one of the few classical guitar makers in Wesern Australia at the time). An article from Australian Women's Weekly 1961  indicates that Mr De Jager emigrated to Australia in 1953 from the Hague in the Netherlands.

I have added a JMG page to the website.

JMG Guitars Aristrocat

Hello Anonymous,

JMG guitars were generally regarded as poorly made guitars. Look at the label and if there is A signature there, you have a wonderful guitar crafted by the mistro Mr de Jager himself. If not oh well, it is the least bad of the range of JMG guitars.

Fred Erdtsieck