• Takamine NP-45-C acoustic guitar


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  • acoustic electric guitars

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1994 to 1999

The NP-45C was a dreadnought shaped electro-acoustic guitar with a single rounded cutaway. The soundboard was solid red cedar with 3-ply binding, The back, sides and fingerboard were rosewood. The neck was mahogany, with 20 frets, joining the body at the 14th fret. Three a side gold colored tuners. Piezo bridge pickup with parametric EQ. It came in natural gloss finish only.

The NP-45C was made between 1994 and 1999.

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1995£1000newDaniel Walsh
2000£450gooddawbGuitar was new but had been dinked in the shop, they had to repair a chip in the lobe on the head.

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TAKAMINE NP-45C reviewed by dawb

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I love this guitar, it is my go to guitar and it plays as well as any of my electrics (from Fender and Gibson). If I am working on a song for a concert, I'll use this to get the feel for the song and the chord sequence before I turn to the electric. I've used this both fully acoustic and through a PA and both sound excellent. I have had to replace the pre-amp so I have fitted the newer lp valve pre-amp, the parametric was good but I prefer the different sounds of the lp valve. I brought the Takamine because it was on sale for a very good price (see the price guide above) due to some shop damage to the head that has been professionally repaired, you need to have it pointed out to see it. I also looked at the Takemine because I saw Nils Lofgren on his Acoustic tour in the late 90's and thought the sound was excellent. I recently asked him why he uses Takemine and he says he loves the sound, I agree completely.

TAKAMINE NP-45C reviewed by ariesentj

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A professional musician friend of mine plays one of these for a living because he prefers the sound of the Parametric pre-amp. He says he would rather have this guitar instead of some $5000 Taylor guitars he's played. Look who else in the business has one of these on stage when they could have any other they wanted: Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, and man others...

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I have two of these guitars; an NP-45c (steel string) and an NP-65c (nylon string) both guitars purchased in 1992. So the info above stating the guitar was introduced in 1994 is incorrect.