Scaling between Sketchup->STL->ReplicatorG

I seem to be having some scaling issues with exported STLs. I create a rather simple object in Sketchup (measured out in inches precisely to how I need the piece printed), export it as STL (using the current version of the tool), then open - generate GCode - build using the newest version of ReplicatorG. The output dimensions of the printed object are ~2.27x smaller than the desired size of the object. I encounter the same issue whether I export the STL in mm or inches (though obviously have to re-scale from in-mm when importing into RepG).

Is anyone else having scaling issues in their models or have any suggestions how to remedy this (other than the obvious of scaling every model by 2.27 after importing into RepG)?



Scaling update

As another test, I created a basic 2in x 2in x 2in cube in SketchUp, exported it as an STL, and printed it using RepG on my makerbot... and it comes out as a cube that is only 15/16th of an inch on each side... just under half the desired/designed size.

In troublshooting, I don't believe the issue is related to the SketchUp model, because I have measured everything accurately. I don't believe it's with the RepG software because it prints accurately sized objects based on models downloaded from their website. This leads me to believe the problem is either in the export conversion or in some other units-related issue or file compatibility between the different systems. Anyone else experience this kind of scaling issue?


Scaling problem

Interesting problem!

Sketchup's internal length units are inches - so the plugin multiplies these internal values by a scaling factor to get the correct output units:

For output units of meters we multiply by 0.0254, for cm 2.54, for mm 25.4 for feet 0.08333333333333333 and for inches 1.

So I don't think there's a conversion factor that would result in a half-sized export.

Could you send me your SKP file and the STL you exported from it to [email protected] and I'll try to recreate this issue,


Same scaling problem

Has there been a solution posted for this?  I'm having the same problem.  


i think this might be a solution. print it and check but click the " inches-->mm" button twice. i'm not sure though... it look right on the screen



okay i think i got it. make sure that you export it in the default measuring unit for the template that you created it on. disreguard last hypothosis.