ESP Hybrid II

I just bought an ESP hybrid II   in great shape for  $270.56  an ebay auction from a local pawn shop. haven't picked it up yet.

Can anyone give me any of the specs  (yr & location of build) of the guitar based on  ser. # 20061

I search the web and emailed ESP with no luck, ESP support hasn't replied.

ESP Hybrid II

Nice guitar! I looked up the specs for this model in the BlueBook of electric guitars - it lists the pickups as 3 single coils and the bridge as a standard vibrato (strat style pickups & bridge) - but yours has more of a Telecaster pickup/bridge and controls vibe about it. Is it a custom bridge? It looks like it has piezo bridge saddles with wires running into the humbucker cavity - with an extra toggle switch between the volume and tone controls for the piezo?