Make a pickup with neodymium magnets

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Traditional guitar pickups used alnico magnets or ceramic magnets. Neodymium magnets, a form of rare-earth magnet, have not often been used in guitar pickups. These extra strong magnets are becoming more and more available, and this instructable shows how to use them in a single coil pickup. The design uses screws as pole-pieces with small circular neodymium magnets underneath the pickups. Also contains a bit on how to pot the pickup in wax. The guy salvaged the wire for his pickup from a dog-hair clipper!

Link: Instructables: Make A Neodymium Guitar Pickup




The influence of neodymium on sound

A neodymium pickup in action: Alas, a low-fi recording.



i hand wind pups,,from 5 to 30 kiloohms,from 1 to 4 bobines,i ALWAYS,use neodymium individual magnets

i consider a lot of better than any  alnico bar,,,it is a great nature miracle ,,this magnets,,with great sound values and an incredible presence,

the bares have propperty of magnetizing the pole s spaces,but when magnet it is 5 times stronger,i think it matters less than nothing

also permitts to make an addaptable pup,,can have magnets above and down,can be removed or added,

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thanks a lot




The first neodymium pickup

The very first neodymium pickup dates back some twenty years ago and is called the Q-tuner: