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Andrew Wright has been building guitars since 1996. As a guitar player he wanted to make himself a better instrument, but soon friends started to place orders and AW Custom guitars was born.

Andrew builds each guitar to the exact specifications of the customer using traditional electric guitar building methods (for example hand carving each neck).

AW Custom Guitars takes environmental responsibility seriously, and only uses materials from sustainable sources.

Classic Amplificaton

Classic Amplification (TM) is an enterprise run by Brad Burt (Burt Systems LLC) offering guitar/amplifier custom builds and repairs. Brad also makes, repairs and rewinds pickups and guitar electronics.  Classic Amplification (TM) is a registered trademark of Brad Burt / Burt Systems LLC and the concept of "classic" (being an outstanding exemplar) as applied to the genre of amplification is copyright Burt Systems LLC all rights reserved. Guitar-list is not affiliated with either of these entities in any way.

ROC Instruments

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Rated the best bass & guitar shop in Solano County. Check the Yahoo Local ratings too! Any and all repairs, setups, hotrodding and custom pedals. Channel 3 A-list rated. Former tech writer for  FRINGE magazine's GEAR GEEK column.          Call   Bob Capretto     707-685-2797         go to   or 

Peter Malinoski

Peter Malinoski is an artist who also makes guitars and furniture. His electric guitars often had a distinctive paddle shaped headstock. Malinoski is now painting most of the time and can be seen at art festivals across the USA. He stopped building guitars for a while, frustrated by the conservative tastes of the average guitarist. He is now back building unique art guitars, and will take on selected commissions.

Yuri Landman

Yuri Landman is a Dutch experimental luthier, musician and comic artist. He has built electric zithers, electric cymbalum, electric 3rd bridge guitars, and electric Koto. Yuri started making instruments out of wood salvaged from furniture and door frames. He used hardware salvaged from old guitars as well as audio equipment, printers, and other electronic stuff.

His instruments challenge the conventions of guitar making with unusual (but also traditional) tuning intervals, drone strings, moveable bridges and pickups.

Stuart Ketchin

Stuart Ketchin makes acoustic guitars in his spare time for his own relaxation. Usually building one at a time he takes between three to four months to build a guitar from start to finish. The resulting guitars are sold under the Woodburn brand for very reasonable prices, and are much in demand: some are used by professional musicians. Have a look a Stuart's website and you will appreciate the thought and attention to detail that goes into each instrument.

James Peters

Luthier James Peters was fascinated with music and guitars from early age, first playing the guitar, then the fiddle, mandolin and bass. By 18 years of age he was a full time musician. In his early twenties he began doing his own minor repairs and set-ups, as well as for friends.

By my early 30's he was in Nashville writing songs. Having some success as a writer, he took his first real royalty check and purchased a hand built guitar from a luthier friend of his and became facinated at the prospect of building  guitars.

Brian Eastwood Guitars

Brian is one of the UK's top guitar builders and repairers with over 30 years experience. Although rightly famous for his creations, repairs still take up a large portion of his working day. No job is too big or too small, he will happily cure your squeaky whammy bar, set-up your new Fujisama Twang-o-Blaster or refinish your '58 Les Paul. However, Brian is never happier than when he's making a new guitar for someone. If you would like a unique hand-made guitar, built to your own specification, get in touch right now.

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