Yuri Landman


  • bizzare
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  • genius

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  • custom guitar builders

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  • electric guitars
  • acoustic guitars
  • koto
  • zither


Yuri Landman is a Dutch experimental luthier, musician and comic artist. He has built electric zithers, electric cymbalum, electric 3rd bridge guitars, and electric Koto. Yuri started making instruments out of wood salvaged from furniture and door frames. He used hardware salvaged from old guitars as well as audio equipment, printers, and other electronic stuff.

His instruments challenge the conventions of guitar making with unusual (but also traditional) tuning intervals, drone strings, moveable bridges and pickups.

2006 saw the creation of the Moonlander and Moodswinger models for guitarists Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth) and Aaron Hemphill (Liars). The Moonlander, is a double-headed electric 18 string drone guitar, and the Moodswinger is an electric koto.

Yuri formed the lo-fi band Zoppo with Cees van Appeldoorn, but left after 2 albums.

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