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Pictures from online auction - July 2010


Mr Law

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The semi-solid Daion 555 Headhunter was loosely based on the Gibson ES-335, but had a cutaway on the bottom of the body. The body had a solid central block of maple and spruce laminate but with grooves cut into each end to increase resonance. Pickups were two humbuckers with a coil split function for each. Hardware was gold plated, the fixed bridge had through-body stringing, a first for semi-hollow guitars.

This one has a classy goldtop finish. The owner suggests that Daion finished the guitar in gold for a trade exhibition. The 1982 Daion catalog shows gold as a regular finish option and there is a picture of a gold one in the catalog (the other choices were brown, burgundy, honey sunburst and tobacco sunburst - but I like gold the best!).

The serial number 82184H is on a label inside the hollow body - and suggests 1982 year of manufacture.