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Photos from online auction May 2010


eBay seller junkendatrunk, USA

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The Headhunter (HH-555) was Daion's take on the 335 semi-hollow body style guitar. The unusual cutaway at the bottom of the HH-555 is supposed to improve the overall balance of the guitar. Pickups are two high output Power Pulse humbuckers, with a coil tap switch for each. Hardware is brass (nut and side-lock bridge) and the fretboard inlays are brass rings. I think the finish on this one is honey sunburst, showing off the book matched maple top.

What you can't see from the pictures is the centre block of wood in the body. The HH-555 has a dense layer of maple sandwiched between two thick outer layers of solid spruce. Ten "sound grooves" are routed at either end of the block to add resonance and a singing quality. Daion was also the first to offer through-body stringing on a semi-hollow body electric, supposedly to add that little extra sustain.

In 1982 they sold for around $649 when new. This one sold for $1902 in May 2010.

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