Brand name: 


  • electric guitars

Dates of manufacture: 

1982 to 1983

The Daion Savage was an electric guitar made around 1982. Other members of the Savage series included the Beserker, the Berserker Bass, the Barbarian,the Veteran V and the Savage MFL (marked fretless) bass.

The savage has two humbuking pickups, a bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The pickup selector switch gives neck only, both or bridge only options. The Les Paul style knobs are pairs of individual volume and tone controls for each pickup and there are individual pickup coiltap switches.

The headstock has the lyre Daion logo, with a serial number stamped on the reverse side. The bridge is a large fixed brass unit, stamped with Daion.

Recommended retail price was $425 in 1982.

Finish options were red, black, white, blue and yellow.


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