DEFIL ROMEO 2 #unknown

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Pictures from the owner used with permission (thanks!)


Bernd G.

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Bernd from Austria just picked this Defil Romeo 2 bass in a local flea market. The Romeo 2 is full of character, Hofner violin bass style with a twist. Bernd got his at a bargain price - there is one on eBay Germany right now for 695 EUROS! Here's how Bernd got his Romeo 2:

I came home from the dentist, checking my mails, when my cellphone rang. It was a friend of mine: "Hey Dude, I am at a Flea Market and there is a guy selling a bass guitar for 85 EUROS" Me: "Tell me more about the bass. Are there any signs on it or a decal on the head plate" He: "There is "Romeo2" written on it but I think, that the owner just glued his name on the bass. And he has god slides instead of knobs" So I checked google for "Romeo2 Bass" and found your site...saw the pictures...called my friend back and said: "Tell the guy, that I`ll pay 50 EURO for the Bass". Yeah - now I am owning a Bass from Poland....hanging right next to my Hofner Senator Bass from Germany.

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