DOD Mega Muscle 1988

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DOD Mega Muscle 1988 FX pedal advert

The DOD FX Series was launched in 1982 as an American made series of effects pedals - a more affordable alternative to DOD's performer series. This ad from 1988 features several FX pedals introduced in 1987: the DOD FX 57 (Hard Rock Distortion), as well as the FX 40B, FX75B and FX17:

Introducing the FX 57 from DOD. The Hard Rock Distortion pedal that combines distortion with delay. For an effect so strong,it’s almost overpowering.

The FX 57 kicks out a wide range of distortions with 7 to 40 milliseconds of delay, to give your sound incredible new punch. In a package that’s tough enough to play longer than any other pedal you can buy.

Add muscle to your distortion sound. Check out the new FX 57 Hard Rock Distortion, along with the entire FX series, at your DOD dealer.

Put the FX 57 Hard Rock Distortion to work with the FX 40B, the FX 75B and the incredible FX 17 Wah-Volume pedal, for a complete rock sound at an affordable price.

DOD manufactured in the U.S.A. with an exclusive 3-year warranty.
©1987 DOD Electronics Corporation