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Sublime Guitars was founded in 2012 by Chi-Yuan Huang, Tommy Platt, David Quinones and others. Sublime uses guitar makers from Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and the US for different aspects of their guitar production. Their builders are often single person shops that specialize in a single area of production. Rather than having one large factory mass-produce an entire instrument, their guitar line sources each component based on quality and craftsmanship.

In 2014 used a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund their first series of production pedals: Chunky Brogan Distortion, Mobin Overdrive, Pep-Pep Delay, and the Hippy Joel Overdrive

Source: Sublime Guitars website (4 December 2020)


Supersound Electronic Products was established by Alan and Mary Wootton in 1952 in Erith, UK. Initially started as a part time venture, they made amplifiers in their garage at home. After they moved to Hawley Grange, Dartford, Alan packed in his day job with Jennings Electronics Industries and worked full time for Supersound custom making record players, radiograms and amplifiers. He was also joined by Ron Hopkins, Dave Pankhurst and Bob Kilgour from Jennings.

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio is a US boutique guitar effects company who take pride in their unique desgins. The company was established by a group of friends in 2011 and is based in Oklahoma City. Over the years, the Walrus product line has expanded to include more than a dozen effects pedals. Each pedal design has unique artwork on the enclosure which tries to capture the essence of that pedal. The artwork is created by Oklahoma artist and musician Nathan Price who uses stylistic inspiration from classically animated films.  Walrus make a wide range of effects. From overdrives and fuzzes to delays, reverbs, modulations and octavers, they have a lot of variety on offer. Walrus pedals are individually built by hand.

Source: Walrus Audio website (4 November 2019)


Joshua Heath Scott started JHS Pedals in Jackson, Missippi. He started out in 2007 modifying Boss pedals but soon began developing his own designs and expanded in 2009, moving to Kansas City and taking on 10 employees. JHS makes a range of effects pedals, including overdrive, distortion, compression, fuzz, boost, tremolo, delay, and others. JHS also has a custom shop where customers can design their own artwork to be put on a case for a standard JHS Pedal.

Source: JHS Pedals website (2 November 2009)

One Control

One Control is a Japanese company founded in 2010 by Tomokaz “Kaz” Kawamura whose main focus is guitar pedal switchers. One Control switchers range from a one-channel true bypass looper all the way to a 10 channel programmable switcher with MIDI capabilities. With most loop switchers guitarists would have to use a separate power supply to power their pedals, but One Control has made the innovation of combining a multi-power supply and an effect loop switcher into one product with products like the Iguana and Xenagama, so pedal-boards can be less crowded and more efficient.


Brian Wampler founded Wampler Pedals, Inc. in 2007 as a guitar effects pedal company. Wampler started out by modding existing pedals before making his own designs. Wampler was active in the online DIY pedal-building community and self-published a series of books on guitar pedal design that helped launch the careers of other boutique guitar pedal builders. The very earliest Wampler pedals were made in Brian's garage, before production was moved to a factory in Kentucky and circa 2019 Wampler effects were made and distributed by Boutique Amps Distribution in California.

Source: Wampler pedals website (17 October 2019)


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