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  • bass guitars

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1985 to 1987

The EGYPT PHARAOH NOFRETITI fretless bass guitar has a multi laminated neck and bodies. The PHARAOH OSIRIS is finished in individual and unique hardwood facing timber. These exotic wood facings include figured English ash, rippled (tiger-stripe) maple, birds eye maple and figured poplar.

The PHARAOH NEFERTITI has a finest quality fretless ebony fingerboard, inlaid with hand-cut and matched, pyramid shaped mother-of-pearl markers. All Pharaoh series basses are fitted with the Egypt Creative EQ system. This system gives superb tonal variation without sacrificing the natural character of the instrument sound like so many other active EQ circuits do.

Two specially designed and individual looking EGYPT CLEARTONE pickups are fitted to PHARAOH instruments. Each CLEARTONE pickup is linked to its own parametric EQ circuit allowing up to 16dB cut or boost (dB amount internally adjustable via trim pot) over a wide frequency range (185Hz to 4.8KHz). An 11 detent frequency control selects the desired frequency whilst a micro switch selects cut or boost. A master volume control determines output level and is adjustable throughout its range with no tonal degradation. A centre detented balance control blends output of the two pickups and a micro switch EQ on or off. In addition to the balance control  a 3-way toggle switch aids rapid pickup selection.

Finish options: Nile blue, Rosetta red, Aurora Nile blue, Aurora Rosetta red. Thebes (water clear natural) and Aurora Tobacco.

Source: Egypt Guitars flyer, 1985


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