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I purchased an EN-552 new from Rudy's Music in NYC in 2005. It was a sweet little classical guitar but I sold it a year later and regretted it ever since. I finally found another EN-552 on eBay in like new condition with the original case and accessories. I made an offer and the seller accepted it. The set up was good but I lowered the saddle 1/16" and slightly lowered the G string at the nut. I cleaned it from top to bottom with Fender guitar cleaner and polish, oiled the tuners with Finish Line dry teflon lube, tightened the hardware as needed, adjusted the truss rod to near dead flat. cleaned the fingerboard with 0000 steel wool and this little classical guitar looks like new, plays like a dream and sounds great. Along with the truss rod the neck binding has dot markers at 5th, 7th and 9th frets. Truss rods and markers are unusual for a classical guitar but they are welcome additions. The top wood is premium cedar with very straight, tight grain. The rosewood back and sides have beautiful grain patterns. The satin finish gives the guitar a muted, sophisticated appearance. The gold hardware holds tune well and is beautifully engraved. The tuner knobs are white pearloid with an antique appearance. All in all a very nicely done classical guitar with some nice modern features. I never say never but I'm not selling this one ever. ;)