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  • acoustic guitars

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1973 to 1980

EPIPHONE produced the FT-140 between 1973 and 1980


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1973$200newmoewith case

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EPIPHONE FT-140 reviewed by Dan Dillon

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This guitar ,sn 750253, was bought in Jacksonville Fl. several years before I left in 1973. It is a surprise to read the official production date starting in 1973. Young friends that are professionals are impressed with the solid, heavy construction and deep sound produced. It is very durable as can be evidenced by its journey with me as a teenager playing on Jacksonville Beach through many changes in life; including over 3 decades of marriage with beautiful, hot Latin woman, and now is servicing me while teaching a talented 8 year old grandson to play his first guitar. This guitar is kind to a beginner as the strings are easy to press and the surfaces are flat, not at all influenced by changes in environment for four decades

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