• Epiphone Rivoli (sunburst finish) electric bass guitar
    Epiphone Rivoli
  • Epiphone Rivoli (blonde finish) electric bass guitar
    Epiphone Rivoli


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  • bass guitars

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1959 to 1970

EPIPHONE manufactured the RIVOLI between 1959 and 1970. It was a Gibson designed model and made in Kalamazoo. The design of the Epiphone Rivoli is based on the Gibson EB-2, and they share the same body, neck and hardware; differing only in the shape of the headstock and the tortoiseshell pickguard material sometimes used on the Rivoli. During the first year of production the single pickup was a single-coil - this was soon changed to a Sidewinder humbucker in 1960. The bridge was changed from a bar-bridge to a two-point bridge with mute & individual saddles in 1960 and the original banjo-tuners were changed to the standard Kluson tuners in 1961

Epiphone reissued the Rivoli bass from 1993 to 1999 as a Japanese/Korean made model. This resissue looked the same but its neck was maple instead of mahogany, the pickup was differently made, with a different tone. . A two pickup version was also available as the Epiphone Rivoli II.

Specifications (17)


Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls1 volume control


Pickups configuration1 pickup, 2 pickups


Finish colorsnatural finish
Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings4 strings


Body shape featuresdouble cutaway
Body styleES-335 style
Hollow bodyhollow body
Soundhole2 f-holes


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Hardware colorchrome hardware


Neck jointset neck
Peghead (headstock)oval headstock
Tuner layouttwo-each-side

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