EPIPHONE EM-2 Rebel Custom

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    Epiphone EM-2


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1991 to 1995

The EM-2 is Epiphones version of the Gibson M-III. They were made between 1991 and 1995, and came in black, red, white or sunburst colors. It's body looks a little PRS influenced.The headstock is a reverse Explorer style

The EM-2 has a locking Floyd Rose tremolo, unlike the EM-1 version which has a non-locking tremolo. Hardware is gold color, and the three pickups are humbucker - single coil - humbucker.

EPIPHONE made the EM-2 (EM-2 Rebel Custom) between 1991 and 1995


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19962400 FRF good

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I have one rebel custom too!!

I want to know more about this guitar,because i bought one EM 2 rebel custom in 2000.
How many costs this guitar nowadays?