• Epiphone SC-450 electric guitar
    Epiphone SC-450


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1976 to 1979

The SC-450s were made in Japan by Matsumoku from 1976 to 1979.

The SC-450 has a three piece maple body with a scroll on the upper horn and a German carve around the body. The set neck is also three-piece maple with an ebony fingerboard, dot inlays and brass nut. Scale length is 25.5 inches, and the fingerboard width is 1-11/14 inches at the nut. The 24 fret neck joins the body at the 21st fret.

Hardware is chrome plated including a fully adjustable tune-o-matic bridge and stop tail-piece.

Pickups are two exposed or covered coil humbuckers (depending on pickup options), controlled by a three position toggle switch and single volume/tone controls. There is also a coil tap switch.

Finish options were walnut stain or natural.

There was also the option to have Gibson humbuckers on the SC-450. The models with the Gibson pickups wasthe SC-450-G. These Gibson buckers had inductance of 8.6 Henries, a resonant peak of 6.0 KHz and DC resistance of 16 K Ohms. They had dual exposed black bobbins (with a T on the top), 12 adjustable  gold plated pole pieces and copper-wrap shielding/grounding.

Specifications (14)


Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls1 volume control


Finish colorsmahogany finish, natural finish
Made inJapan
Number of strings6 strings


Body materialmaple body
Body shape featuresdouble cutaway, scroll


Bridgewraparound bridge
Hardware colorchrome hardware


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Neck jointset neck
Number of frets24 fret
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

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My SC 450

I knew nothing about the SC guitars when I found mine at a yard sale in Ocean Springs, MS, sometime in the early-mid 90s, but I fell in love the moment I opened the old chipboard case. The lady who owned it told me that Epiphone had given it to her as a retirement gift after 30 years of employment, just before she retired to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband. The best part? Neither she, nor anyone else in her family were guitar players, so it was and still is in nearly mint condition...and for a mere $100 cash. The only blemish I've been able to find is a dime-sized "bruise" on the edge that's on the treble string side of the lower bout. I'm constantly amazed at both the tone and playability of this guitar. The Tune-O-matic bridge keeps the intonation perfect, and that loooooong Epi headstock doesn't bind the strings against the nut slots like a typical Gibby, so it stays in tune, also. I love the natural finish!