• Epiphone Zephyr De Luxe electric guitar
    Epiphone Zephyr De Luxe
  • Epiphone Zephyr De Luxe electric guitar(2 pickups - 1951-1954)
    Epiphone Zephyr De Luxe (2 pickups - 1951-1954)


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  • electric guitars

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1941 to 1954

EPIPHONE manufactured the ZEPHYR DE LUXE between 1941 and 1954. The Zephyr De Luxe was the electric version of the Epiphone De Luxe acoustic archtop and these models were the top of the line for this body size. There was also a single cut-away version known variously as the Zephyr De Luxe Regent, Zephyr De Luxe Cutaway and from 1954 as the De Luxe Electric - when the non-cutaway version was discontinued. The electric Zephyr versions of the De Luxe had flame maple laminated body construction to help control unwanted feedback - unlike the acoustic versions which had carved solid wood bodies.

The curly maple neck of the Zephyr De Luxe was laminated with a walnut stripe and had a rosewood figerboard with cloud inlays. The single pickup was initially near the neck, but was moved to the middle position from 1947 onwards. From 1950 this model had a New York style pickup and two pickups became an option. The headstock featured a vine-of-life inlay. The single volume and tone controls were mounted on a MasterVoicer control plate until 1951 when they were moved to be more parallel with the strings.

Specifications (24)


Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls1 volume control


Pickups brand and modelEpiphone New York pickup(s)
Pickups configuration1 pickup, 2 pickups


Finish colorsblonde finish
Bindingmulti-ply binding
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length25.5 inches scale-length


Body back materiallaminated maple body back
Body sides materiallaminated maple body sides
Body top materialspruce body top
Body width17.375 inches body
Hollow bodyhollow body
Pickguard materialbound pickguard
Soundhole2 f-holes


Fingerboard materialrosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markerscloud fingerboard position markers


Hardware colorgold hardware
TailpieceFrequensator tailpiece


Neck jointset neck
Neck materialmaple and walnut neck
Neck width1.68 inches wide at nut
Peghead (headstock)bound headstock
Tuner layoutthree-each-side

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