•  Erlewine Lazer electric guitar - front view pointing to the sky
    Erlewine Lazer electric guitar - front view
  • Line art drawing of Erlewine Lazer electric guitar
    Line art drawing of Erlewine Lazer electric guitar


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The lazer was designed by Mark Erlewine, and first patented in 1987. It is a headless design with a cut-down body. At a total length of 31 inches, and weight of 5.5 pounds, it would make a good travel guitar. Scale length is 25.5 inches, 24 frets, with neck-though construction. Pickups are a single-coil at the neck and humbucker at the bridge. These are controlled by a volume pot, pickup selector and push-pull tone pot.


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2001$1400newJim AI have been primarily a Fender Strat player (currently own a1983 Vintage Reissue). The fat Gibson-like neck modeled for the Lazer always feels a bit odd when I switch off and use it. I will say that the 1 piece mahogony and matched electronics used in the Lazer delivers over-the-top sustain and wide ranging sonic dynamics a Strat can ever provide. The best thing about Mark Erlewine is his personal customer service. I've been in touch every now and then with him by email. He has always got back to me within a day or two with an answer to my question.

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