One of a kind custom models produced to order.


This guitar was custom made by ESP for Takamizawa, the guitar player from Japanese rock band The Alfee. It has a Steinberger style bridge with tuners. Single humbucking pickup, marked Takamizawa custom. Carved bird/angel shaped body. Headless bolt-on neck is shaped to look like a sword, and has a locking nut. An inscription in the sword handle reads "20th Anniversary. The Alfee. Since 1972 - '93".  This suggests it was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the band formed by Takamizawa and 3 friends.

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ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special

The ESP Samurai Kyomoto Special is a custom series instrument, not on general sale.The body is alder with cast material used for the whacky appendages. The short scale neck is maple with a 22 fret ebony fingerboard and a carbon nut. The body is a mosaic of various themed areas, a rhinestone white fabric area, a three eyeball locust genetic experiment and a real Samurai sword (which can be drawn and wielded if things start going wrong at e open mic night).

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