FENDER American Deluxe Precision Bass Ash V


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The American Deluxe Precision Bass V with Ash one piece body was only produced for two years 2005 and 2006.

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Pickups brand and modelFender American Vintage Precision pickup(s)
Pickups configuration1 humbucker pickup, 1 pickup
Preampactive preamp


Finish colorsblonde finish, red finish, tobacco finish
Finish effectssunburst finish
Made inUSA
Number of strings5 strings
Scale length34 inches scale-length


Body materialash body
Pickguard materialshell pickguard, white pickguard


Bridgestrings through-body bridge, top loading bridge


Fingerboard materialpau ferro fingerboard


Neck jointneck through body
Neck materialcarbon fiber reinforced maple neck
Tuner layoutfour-up-one-down tuners

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FENDER American Deluxe Precision Bass Ash V (No. 019-4360) reviewed by Michael K. Smith

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The Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass V in ASH is the be all and end all of the bass guitar world. Placing this bass in your hands gives you any tone your heart will ever desire. I purchased mine in 2006 and it was the best thing I ever did. I have 40 years of playing bass under my belt and in that time I have played just about every bass worth playing and none can do what this bass can sound wise. The Double Jazz pickup is without a question the power behind this hammer it is a shame Fender stopped producing this bass in a 5 string and did away with the Double jazz humbucker pickup. But, I can understand why, American Deluxe precision bass was bringing 3 to 4 hundred dollars more than the American Deluxe Jazz bass even though they had the same list price and that was both the 4 and 5 string P-bass. That had never happened before because the Jazz Bass is to be the price leader so finder had to make a change. Now if you want a American Deluxe 5 string P-bass you will have to find a used one "IF" you can! They were only produce for 2005 and 2006 and even then there were not that many produced. Just try finding one for sale! Rare is not the word, you will find true 1960 stacked knob jazz basses in much greater numbers. When Fender changed the top of the line basses to Fender Elite Basses they didn't bring back the P-bass in a 5 string and that wonderful Double Jazz rear pickup didn't come back either. That is good for me because it just makes the value of mine continue to go ever higher! Keep making music, MKS

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