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1991 to 1993

The Fender Prodigy was a Superstrat with designed to compete with Ibanez RG and Jackon/Charvel models of the era. When first introduced in 1991 the Prodigy had a Fender classic Synchronized tremolo system - although the Prodigy II released in 1992 had a Kahler 2720 Spyder double-locking tremolo. The Strat shaped body has more offset curves and slightly sharper horns than a traditional Stratocaster. The single volume and tone knobs controll a Fat-Strat pickup configuration - with a humbucker in the bridge position and two single coils. The output jack is in the scratch plate - where the second tone control would normally be on a Strat. The Prodigy was discontinued in 1993. Tony Bacon's book "50 Years of Fender" suggests the Prodigy was at least partly manufactured in Fender's new factory in Ensenada, Mexico, but the Prodigy headstocks decals clearly indicate they were made in the USA & sources at Fender attribute the majority of manufacture to the Corona, California plant.

Source: 50 years of Fender by Tony Bacon, Paul Day.

Specifications (22)


Controls materialblack controls
Controls shapetop hat controls
Number of control knobs2 control knobs
Pickup selector controls5-way selector switch
Tone controls1 tone control
Volume controls1 volume control


Finish colorsblack finish, blue finish, red finish, white finish
Made inUSA
Scale length25.5 inches scale-length


Body materialpoplar body
Body styleStratocaster style, super strat style body
Pickguard material3-ply pickguard


Fingerboard materialmaple fingerboard, rosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdotted circle fingerboard position markers


Hardware colorblack chrome hardware, chrome hardware
TunersFender die-cast tuners


Headstock inlays or logosBrand name logo or inlay on headstock
Neck materialmaple neck
Neck width1.65 inches wide at nut
Number of frets22 fret
Nutlocking tremelo and nut
Tuner layoutfive-in-a-row tuners

Prices (2)

1991$649.99new$649.99 in 1991

Reviews (2)

FENDER PRODIGY reviewed by Darrell

Average: 5 (1 vote)
I own one of the 1991 guitars in black. The pick guard broke where the guitar input jack is and I would like to buy a new one and can't find one. If anyone has any ides where I can buy one would be helpful. Terrible design flaw by fender to put the input jack in the pick guard next to the screw that holds the pick guard on as lot of stress when unplugging the guitar cord causing the guard to break. Other than that no complaints it play nice and has a good voice. I am the original owner and never had any issues with this except the pick guard. Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help me locate a pick guard.

FENDER PRODIGY (U.S. MODELS) reviewed by Anonymous

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Solid and one of the best guitars ever made in the 1990s. Solid voice like nasal tone on the neck pickup. She can sing and dance. She rock and she can roll. She can lie down or bang her head.

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