Fender Precision Bass Special 1980

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Fender Precision Bass Special 1980 Ad

Fender's new dimension Precision Bass Special
If you want to bring new dimension to your music, Fender brings you the new Precision Bass Special. An instrument for the musician who wants more than he's ever had before in one bass.

Active electronics for a whole new concept in tone variation. Whatever style of music you play. you can put out the traditional Fencer sound plus, thanks to active electronics, an almost infinite range of other tonal combinations and musical colorations.

The Precision Bass Special's +/- 15 dB treble and bass controls and low-noise discrete cicuitry let you play to the limit. Biting highs, fat middles or extreme bottom end can be added separately or combined, subtly or forcefully. For richer overtone series and sustain, the new design brass bridge is a discovery in itself. Defeat switch bypasses the electronic circuit for full passive tone and volume control.

Feels as good as it plays. In designing the Precision Bass special, Fender reinstated the classic 1961 B-neck. Requested by the pros, this neck gives faster action and greater comfort. What's more, the new P-Bass is built for a long, carefree life. Efficient electronic circuitry and a single PC board. Epoxy finish brass hardware. And approximately 1200 hours of battery life.

Discover what others already know, in the new Precision Bass Special with active electronics, Fender has done it all. Sounds, feel, appearance. And major stars like Duck Dunn of the Blues Brothers Band and Craig MacGregor of Foghat are now playing this newest professional Fender bass. See it today at your local Fender dealer.

Active electronics for active bass players. Fender, made in USA.