Fender Champ 12

  • Fender Champ 12 amplifier


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  • tube amplifiers

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1987 to 1992

The Fender Champ 12 was launched in 1987, the first of a new series of USA made tube amps. This was one of the first product released by the new Fender Corporation following the purchase from CBS. The Champ 12 was small in size and was designed as a practice amplifer. Production was moved to Mexico in 1990 and the Champ was discontinued a few years later. The earliest ones had black control knobs - these were soon changed to red.

Specifications (9)


Grill ClothSilver face grill cloth
Number of channels2 Channels
Number of speakers1 speaker
Speaker brand and modelFender designed
Speaker size12" speaker(s)


Controls materialblack controls, red controls


Number of signal inputs2 inputs
Number of signal outputs2 outputs


Made inMexico, USA

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