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  • tube amplifiers

Series name: 

Dates of manufacture: 

1964 to 1982

In 1964 the Champ's circuitry and cosmetics were changed again. The controls were moved to the front like the other Fender amps of the time, and the tweed was replaced with black Tolex. So in 1964 the Champ became a blackface amp. Some 1964 Champs were built with the 5F1 circuits, tweed-era cabinet
but Tolex covering. Presumably Fender had finally used up its remaining
stock of tweed.

This model (called the AA764) was in production until 1982. The Vibro-Champ was introduced in 1964: a Champ with an added tremolo circuit and also lasted until 1982.

In 1968 the faceplates of both the Champ and Vibro-Champ became silver with silverfaced speaker cloth, along with all the other Fender amps, but the circuitry stayed the same. In 1981 both amps briefly returned to the blackface finish, before being discontinued the following year. 


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