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1993 to 1998

Production of the Ferndandes LE-1 began around 1993 and ended in 1998. The LE-1 is a Fender stratocaster copy with basswood or alder body, Fernandes FST-1C tremolo bridge and Gotoh MH-12 mahcine heads. This model was also available with gold hardware as the LE-1G model. A factory fitted Fernandes Sustainer System was an option for the LE-1.

Specifications (21)


Pickup selector controls5-way selector switch
Tone controls2 tone controls
Volume controls1 volume control


Pickups configuration3 single coil pickups


Finish colorsblack finish, blue finish, cream finish, green finish, red finish
Finish effectsmetallic finish
Made inJapan
Number of strings6 strings
Scale length25.5 inches scale-length


Body materialalder body, basswood body
Body shape featuresdouble cutaway
Pickguard materialwhite pickguard


Bridgetremolo bridge
Hardware colorchrome hardware
TunersGotoh tuners


Fingerboard materialmaple fingerboard, rosewood fingerboard
Fingerboard position markersdot fingerboard position markers


Neck jointbolt on neck
Neck materialmaple neck
Number of frets21 fret
Tuner layoutsix-in-a-row tuners

Prices (2)

1993$150newDoug GMy favorite strat
2010$150.00goodGlenn hartell

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FERNANDES LE-1 reviewed by alistair young

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I bought this fernandes about 5 years ago on e-bay when it came the switch was dodgy but i seem to fix it ok. And grew to like it a lot nice sound but looked like a 90s junk guitar from a charity shop with weird headstock. I got 14 other guitars so it got sidelined for a few years as it didn't always behave because of switch. Im going to spain soon and want to take a guitar with me and leave it there and this seemed like the perfect candidate its light weight an advantage so still dont know why it wont amplify i guess its the switch as everything looked ok on removal of scratch plate. so deciding to take neck off for the journey makes this a resonable travel guitar too. On removing the neck revealed it to be a LE-1 1993-1998 this was good as seller didnt have a clue and i read on the net these were quite good guitars

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Superb strat

bought used in 2019 for $275 CAD been one the best guitars I've ever owned, and plays as good as my USA fender strat. 

find one.. buy one and run before anyone can catch you