Aria Acoustic Guitar - Model G400

I always heard that Aria was a popular guitar brand.
I just acquired the subject guitar and was disappointed to find no information on it at all
Any body out there know anything about this model?

Made in Japan
Spruce laminate top
Mahogany back and sides
Top binding is a black and white "wood" herring bone pattern so is the sound hole inlay.
Head stock has a kind of stretched out "S" shape at the top - yea kind of like this ~ 
and it has a stylized single "A" mother of pearl logo.

Any info please... Thanks


Aria G400

I would like to buy your guitar. I have a 12 string G404 and would like to have the G400 to go with it. I know its all laminated wood. But kinda cool looking anyway. Contact me at  [email protected] with pictures and amount desired.