I'm in possesion of a acoustic guitar with the name "Bird".
The colour is cherry sunburst.
Modelnumber is B112/01096
Is there someone who can tell me more about this brand?


PS: I don't know how to present foto's.

Sorry if my English is not correct (Im from the Netherlands)


Bird Acoustics

I can't find any information on the Bird brand. There was a Birdie brand of amplifiers from Japan, also there is an acoustic maker Glen Bird - but he puts "Glen Bird Guitars" on his instruments,

Please e-mail some photos of the guitar to me at [email protected]
and I can add the Bird brand to the website.


Bird Guitar

I've got the same model. Bought it around 1975 in a guitarshop in Zaandam, The Netherlands so your guitar must be about the same age. Can't also find nothing about this brand.

Have you ever heard horsetail

Have you ever heard horsetail momentum. It really sounds really nice. I think you guys are not right. because that guitar was made by me.