I'm in possesion of a acoustic guitar with the name "Bird".
The colour is cherry sunburst.
Modelnumber is B112/01096
Is there someone who can tell me more about this brand?


PS: I don't know how to present foto's.

Sorry if my English is not correct (Im from the Netherlands)


Bird Acoustics

I can't find any information on the Bird brand. There was a Birdie brand of amplifiers from Japan, also there is an acoustic maker Glen Bird - but he puts "Glen Bird Guitars" on his instruments,

Please e-mail some photos of the guitar to me at [email protected]
and I can add the Bird brand to the website.


Bird Guitar

I've got the same model. Bought it around 1975 in a guitarshop in Zaandam, The Netherlands so your guitar must be about the same age. Can't also find nothing about this brand.