The brand "Mountain" guitar

Seeking information on the brand, "Mountain" guitar.


Mountain guitars

I just read a little bit about mountain guitars. Im at work but when i get home il post a link if i can find it. What I do remember is there obviously martin copies ( hence the logo). They were made in japan. In 60s and 70s i remember .and are extremely high quality worth a little $ i believe. Definately a keeper if you have 1 or if your considering buying 1 cheap. I would recomend you do. If you dont send me a link and i probably will.That said the info i have is from the internet and i havent verified it. but idont have much reason to question it either. Dont quote me but i think they may be made by yamaki. Or the same co that made yamaki. Or it may have been kasuga gakki co. It was 1 of the more respected early producers im pretty sure.. Pretty sure they were hand made(most 60s 70s mij guitars were handmade,) even the " factories" that churned iut all the thousands of un heared of brands were much smaller than most people imagine and a large part of the construction was done by hand. .i will send a link if i find it or when i find it.