D.m.c. guitar mij luthier signature

Hello has anybody heard of d.m.c. guitars i have a dmc d-18 copy mij im guessing early 70s but it could be late 60s. I have a 70s takamine f- 340 wich i have had since i was youngand this dmc appeears to bebpretty much the same guitar. Identical essintially. Same bridge same tuners ect. I though maybe it was dauphin music co. But i cant find anything to verify tgat or any record of dauphin ever making or Distributing regular acoustics, only classical's. The thing is that it has a signature on the neck block the kids being Japanese so I can't interpret it and I've had no luck trying to find someone to help me interpret it any help would be greatly appreciated I can't attach pictures as soon as I figure out how to do so. I have inly found 1 other dmc guitar on the internet it was sold at auction in 2014 and thee is no other info. Cant find any info at alk onbthe internet. About dmc guitars