Help - Joshua Guitar


I'm trying to find out a little info about my guitar and am really just hitting dead ends. It was given to me with very little history. It is an acoustic and has "Joshua" imprinted on the tail stock and also a label inside the sound hole with "Joshua" and a graphic of a cowboy on a horse (logo?). The label has no other information. I can find no other markings (model/serial #s) anywhere else on the guitar. There is one subject in the forum about Joshua Guitars being produced in Northridge California in the 1990s-2000s. It mentions models with sound holes on the side of the guitar body and composite backs, etc. but this model has none of those features.

I'd really just kind of like to know what I have here.

I tried to paste in a picture but it didn't like it. If there's a way to include a photo here I could include one.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Post a picture of your Joshua guitar


Try posting a picture of the guitar - first click "reply" or "add new comment" below. Above the comment edit box you should see an image icon (its on the top row - 6th in from the left). Click that and you should be able to insert a picture. If this doesn't work send me the photos - to [email protected]


Interested in acquiring a Joshua

My daughter has a Joshua and I like the way it sounds am looking to buy one for myself.  If you know of one would appreciate the link/  Thanks