Ibanez PF100 NT ?

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made a catch in the bay: Ibanez Performer (PF 100 NT 1201) but could not finde anything about it.

It was made in China and according to the pre-owner purchased in the early 80's.

Special oddity: top is spurce and the pick guard is a wooden (mahagony?) inlay: http://img4web.com/g/K5EMC

Has anyone more details?




Ibanez PF100


That's an interesting looking guitar. The Ibanez Artwood Acoustics of the late 70s early 1980s had rosewood pickguards like that, but the PF acoustics appeared around 1986 - yours looks like one of the 1990s models - but I haven't found a PF100 model - only the PF10. What does the sound-hole label say?


Ibanez PF100

Sound Hole Lable states:

model no. PF100NT1201

serial no. S 00032278

made in china

see pic:  http://img4web.com/view/7XASE

Ibanez PF100

Oh,  so the former owner was wrong.

Anyway it's a nice guitar & very special due to the scratch plate inlay.

It plays loud and with a strong bass but little treble.
The die cast tuners work OK and stay in tune.
Plus the PF100 is solid enough to survive a rough treadment.

Thank you for the research.