Mysterious Oahu Guitar

I inherited an Oahu guitar from my grandfather and I am trying to learn something about it. I am sure it is an Oahu Publishing Company guitar the stamped I do says the company was located at 850 Euclid Ave, Cleveland Ohio and the other stamp in red ink says “F33”. The guitar has a square-ish head with two slots that the string winding mech is located in and the neck is colored green and red on the feet side and rounded on the back. It has 3 green dots, between 4th and 5th fret, 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th fret. The sound board has a cool Hawaiian style coconut palms motif and the bridge is a dark grained wood and the “nut”? is a metal piece where the strings terminate and is a trapezoid in shape screwed to the bottom of the body with four small cross-head screws.

Any history and value info would be greatly appreciated.



Oahu guitars

Oahu guitars were mostly "lap steel" guitars. One played these guitars on your lap with a "steel', just a hunk of metal; to fret the guitar, which was tuned to an open chord. You have a beautiful example of one. That being said, there is not much interest in these guitars so they are not highly sought. Keep it as a a memento and something to remember your ancestor.