Old Acousticals - tag type and tail..... heh heh

I have been trying to get the guys at the goodwill store to sell me a guitar they had for 30 years.  Today I brought it home!  What got me going in the first place, was that the back is shaped, not flat like the Martin 00 I learned on when I was a kid.  The teardrop pick guard, and the wide pointed head with truss bar, identifys it as a Kay commercial production, either a Kay Kraft, Airline, or Silvertone or Custom-Kraft.  Until today, I didn't know that Kay made Silvertone for Sears.  The Sears guitar I had as a kid, was a Gibson SG copy and the frets were so far off on the octave, that you couldn't use the higher frets, but it was sure fun to strum out rhythm on!  My fathers Martin had a makeover a few years ago, and I noticed a couple things.  This old guitar will be really nice when I am done! 

Anyway, this is my first redux.  I have built a couple kits, a custom jaguar, and fixed a few old clunkers into some really playable 6 strings.  My last project was a student 1/2 size cello.  I made an Oak bridge and finished it in solid green powder coat.

I need a bridge insert for the Kays tailpiece.. . any ideas?