Sigma DM1 dreadnought guitar

hi ... On your website you show the Sigma DM1 guitar as having a laminated spruce top ... but in fact it ( and all other Sigma guitars I've seen ) actually have a solid spruce top .... which of course makes a big difference ...... so I would suggest you change it on your page, as it could put many people off buying what is a good, but inexpensive guitar.


Sigma DM-1

Thanks for the information,

I got those specifications from a Sigma dealer's website: Sigma DM-1 page which states laminated spruce top. The solid top version was called the DM-1ST.

But I appreciate that Sigma have been around since the 1970s, the specifications may have changed over time, and the current Sigmas do have solid tops, so I have updated the DM-1 page - guitar-list DM-1 page.