HELP! I need info on a Takamine Tg-001A!

I have a Takamine TG-001A. It is a classical style guitar and has no serial number. I can tell it is an older guitar. I have researched this thing to death, still no answers. I would like a little info about the histoy of this guitar. Maybe the value too.


Takamine TG-0001A

I can't find much first hand information on this model. On the forum I found this message from 2002 about the TG-001A, which would suggest that the TG-001A is a valuable instrument:

That is indeed a rare vintage model that Takamine produced in very limited numbers. As a local guitar shop owner in Merced, Ca, I would easily value that guitar at upwards of $2,500 USD (and I am saying that estimate with the guitar being in okay condition) more pristine models can easily fetch $3,000 on and I recently saw on listed on for about $1,700 (which was A STEAL)

If you have any pictures or information about this model e-mail them to me at [email protected], and I can add a page for this model.


Re: Takamine tg001a

Hey looks like u got yourself sumthin really really nice. ive been a giggin musician for years now and occasionally play with my takamine tg series guitar. WOULDN'T TRADER HER FOR THE WORLD! but for prices, i bough mine for 3 Grand back in 1991. so definitely hand on to it. they can only do up i price.

TG 001

Accually, these 2 posts in quotes are not for the takamine TG001A, but the TG001. Different guitars. TG001 is worth a good amount. No idea on the TG001A...


any info about this guitar is appreciated....year produced, series , value ?