Hondo H124B - what's its story

I inherited a Hondo guitar from my mother. Inside there is a sticker that says H124B. It's a beautiful glossy black with steel strings and amazing sound. A few 'older' guitar players (I play a little but am not gifted AT ALL) flip out over it (not sure why, sound, looks) What is the fuss? I love the guitar for its sentimental value but can find no info on it and would like to know a little more about the model. I've googled but find electric guitars only and none of the acoustics look anything like mine. Can anyone help me out?


Hondo H124B

I can't find out much about this model, but the Hondos were budget instruments. I would guess the Hondo H124B sold for around $299 when new (thats what the similar H124AM sold for -it was a different color). These were produced in China or Taiwan. The Hondo brand was discontinued around 2005 If it sounds good hang on to it and enjoy it!